Hisey Bells Ship Bells  Description

     Hisey Bells has been manufacturing naval brass bells for fresh and saltwater vessels for decades. Hisey Ship Bells are being used on vessels worldwide ranging from aircraft carriers to commercial vessels and many types of small craft . Join the tradition making your boat unique with a Hisey Ship Bell. Hisey Ship bells are personalized with your boat name, launch date, or any message in raised relief text around the tuning bands of the bell. Ship Bells come in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24 inch base diameters. Hisey Ship Bells are normally provided with a cabin mount hanger and mounting hardware but other custom mounting configurations are available.  We have mounted many ship bells with stainless hardware, deck mounting yokes and frames, as furniture pieces for collectors and for interior use. Call, e-mail, traditional mail us with any modifications you may require.




  Personalization & dedication details

     Ship Bells can have personalization and dedications cast in raised letters between the upper and lower tuning bands, or both.  Personalization and dedications are free of charge and are included in the price of the bell. Text personalization and dedications can be A thru Z, (all upper case) lower case m n e c o r, 0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .  Character allowances around tuning bands; Depends upon the size of Ship Bell ordered, but up to 80 characters upper band, 100 characters lower band is a general rule of thumb on all sizes.  Ship Bells can also be ordered with no dedication or personalization.


  Popular uses

     Ship bells are very popular for boats, yachts, and ships, clubs and eatery’s, as bar room bells, golf course “9th hole” bells, and “man cave” bells, sales bells, victory Bells, collectors bells, farm bells, lap and climbing bells, and for that person who has a “maritime“ personality.

 Pricing for Ship Bells

6 inch Ship Bell $289.00 + $14.00 shipping.*

8 inch Ship Bell $369.00 + $16.00 shipping.*

10 inch Ship Bell $629.00 + $24.00 shipping.*

12 inch Ship Bell $1269.00 + $35.00 shipping.*

16 inch Ship Bell $2400.00 + $54.00 shipping.*

20 inch Ship Bell $3229.00 + $150.00 freight shipping.*

24 inch Ship Bell $4500.00 + $270.00 freight shipping.*

* Shipping and handling prices quoted are for the continental US, 48 states.


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