HB 2 and 4 inch personalized hand bells  Description

      Two and Four inch Personalized Hand Bells are made with your name, date, or dedication, and up to 40 characters in raised letters around the inside of the tuning bands near the base of the bell. Provided with a cherry or oak handle. Personalized Hand Bells are great for gifts and keepsakes.  Personalizations & dedications are included in the price of the bell.

Personalized Hand Bells are flat topped, wide swept bell, that are cast this in this style to give a very cheerful ring.  The four inch bell sounds very much like a teachers bell and the two inch bell has a light twinkle of a ring.





  Dedications & personalization details

      Each Bell can have up to 42 text or numeric characters  in one line between the tuning bands of the bell.  Text and numeric characters can be A thru Z, (all upper case) lower case m n e c o r, 0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .

  Popular uses

      As a personalization or dedication we suggest a wedding names & date, graduation name, school name, and date, baby name and birthday, teachers name, retiree’s name and service date, name and or achievement, a phrase or quote.  Personalization ideas can be endless.


  Personalized Hand Bell Pricing


4″ Personalized Hand Bells are $89.00 + $9.00 shipping.

2″ Personalized Hand Bells are $49.00 + $7.00 shipping.


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