HB Garden and Patio Bells


       Hisey Garden Bells and Patio Bells are beautiful brass bells polished and personalized with your name date or message.  Garden and Patio Bells are a flat topped, wide swept bells, that are cast this in this style to give a very cheerful and bright ring for all to hear.  The 8 inch Garden Bell sounds very much like a classic dinner bell and the Patio bell has a lighter trolley bell sound.  Each bell comes with ornate hanger, chain clapper, and hardware, and is ready to install and ring when it arrives.





Personalizations & dedications

     Each Bell can have up to 80 raised relief text or numeric character personalizations or dedications in one line between the tuning bands of the bell.  Text dedications characters can be A thru Z, (all upper case) lower case m n e c o r, 0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .


Popular uses

     As their names suggest, these bells are perfect for gardens, entryways, walkways, gateposts, wall mounted bells, deck posts, and garden posts. These bells have been featured in many home and garden shows and publications and are also very popular in enclosed courtyards at offices, hospitals, and homes. They are sometimes used as a lobby bells and sales bells. Garden Bells and Patio Bells make a perfect housewarming gift.


Patio & Garden Bell Pricing

Patio Bells are $269.00 + $14.00 shipping anywhere in the continental US  (call or e-mail for other locations)

Garden Bells are $349.00 + $17.00 shipping anywhere in the continental US. (call or e-mail for other locations)


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Long may she wave  Hisey Bells are made in the USA