HB Classic hand bells Description

     Classic Hand Bells are a bronze bell with a domed shoulder sweeping down to a  broader tapered foot at the base of the bell.   Classic Hand Bells can be made with a personalization or dedications of your choice cast in raised relief on the face of the bell.   Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 inch base diameters with a cherry or oak handle.







Personalization & dedication details


Raised relief detail Traditional Style Bells Hisey Bells      Personalization and dedications are included in the price of the bell.  Text dedications characters can be A thru Z, (all upper case)  lower case m n e c o r,  0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .   Personalization and dedications can be a total of 72 to 210 characters in up to 6 lines on the face of the bell. (character count depends upon the size of the bell)   Logos can be added to Classic Hand Bells.   Classic Hand Bells Can also be ordered with no personalization or dedications.


Popular uses


     The Classic Hand Bell is a beautiful keepsake or gift for many different special occasions, very popular for wedding gifts, graduation gifts, baby gifts, retirement gifts, teachers bell, thank you gifts, and awards.


Classic Hand Bell Pricing


2 inch Classic Hand Bell – up to 4 lines of text, 18 characters per line,  $69.00 +  $8.00 shipping.

3 inch Classic Hand Bell – up to 5 lines of text, 20 characters per line,  $79.00 +  $9.00 shipping.

4 inch Classic Hand Bell – up to 5 lines of text, 24 characters per line,  $89.00 +  $9.00 shipping.

5 inch Classic Hand Bell – up to 5 lines of text, 28 characters per line,  $99.00 +  $12.00 shipping.

6 inch Classic Hand Bell – up to 6 lines of text, 35 characters per line,  $109.00 +  $14.00 shipping.

All shipping prices shown are for the US lower 48 states.


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