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     Victory Bells from Hisey Bells are a great way to add that “spirit” to any game, gathering, or event.  Two types of Hisey Bells are popularly used as Victory bells.  The Contemporary bell and Traditional Bell both manufactured by Hisey Bells and they make great Victory Bells.   Victory Bells come in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24 inch base diameters, include text and numeric dedications, and can be manufactured with or without school, college, or university logos.  Many different mounting options are available for Hisey Victory Bells.  Victory bells make a great class project, class gift, alumni bell project or gift.   





HB Logo gold  Dedication details

     Text dedications characters can be A thru Z, (all upper case) lower case m n e c o r, 0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .  Logos can be added at an additional cost. Call,  fax, e-mail, or traditional mail, for quote on logo additions.  We will need to see an example of your logo to get you and exact quote on your logo addition to a bell.*

HB Logo gold Popular uses

     Hisey Victory Bells are also popular as sales bells, third down bells, and as architectual school bells.


* A word about Hisey logo artwork; Logo artwork is done as a three dimensional, multi layered, raised relief mold extending from the surface of the bell.  The logo mold is made as part of the master mold and is cast into each bell as one piece with the bell.  We don’t chemical etch, sandblast, or engrave pre-made cold bells.  Each bell is manufactured brand new, unique, and just for you.   Our process makes only the finest bells.

HB Logo gold  Hanging Options for Victory BellsClick here for a pdf diagram of hanger options.

HB hanger types link imagePlain metal free-swinging hanger.
Ornate metal free-swinging hanger.
Single arm hanger.
Direct bolt to beam or structural cross member.
Free-swinging beam hanger.
Yoke or post mounts.
A- frame stands for floor or platform installation.


  HB Logo gold  Click here for suggestions of stands, structures, carts, for your bell. 

HB stands structures monuments towers and carts Page     This link will open a pdf drawing of clips of many different stands, structures, towers, carts, and other designs we have designed to support our bells over the years.  All of these designs are available to our customers and can be adjusted and modified to fit your needs.





Hisey Bells Generic gallery HB Logo gold   Link here for a gallery of Victory Bells.




HB Victory Bell order thumbnailHB Logo gold  Link here for information on how to order a Victory Bell.






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