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     Hisey Bells can add your logo, emblem, icons, insignia, or graphics to just about any of our bell styles.  For instance; we commonly add raised relief logos to our Contemporary Bells, Traditional Bells, Boardroom Bells, Table bells, Police Bells, Fire Bells, EMS Bells, Victory Bells, and even many of our various types of hand bells.  All of our large bells look really spectacular with added logos and graphics.  Hisey Hand Bells with a logo added are very popular in the business and corporate world as gifts and commemorative keepsakes.  We keep permanent molds for many business, clubs, churches, and government entities making many copies of the same bells with logos over time for retirement gifts and awards as needed.  




HB Logo gold  Personalizations & dedications

text and numerics details     Text dedications characters can be A thru Z, (all upper case) lower case m n e c o r, 0 thru 9,  / & ! # , . -, .   Personalizations and dedications are cast in raised relief letters inside the upper and lower tuning bands or in the mid waist of our bells. 







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     Logo Bells are popular with churches, businesses, clubs, communities, and as centennial, and bi-centennial bells celebrating landmarks in time.    Please review our many different types of bells and and imagine them with your logo.  Then contact us or give us a call for further details. 


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